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Don’t Wait for the Rates to Go Down—Here’s Why

Justin Vierra
May 13 3 minutes read

Tips to use mortgage rates to your advantage.

If you’re waiting to lock in a lower mortgage rate before buying a home, I’m here to tell you today that that may not be a good idea. In fact, waiting for the rates to come down may have you end up with a higher mortgage rate, which, depending on your budget, can lead you to back out of the purchase completely.

Today’s discussion will allow you to take a deep look into mortgage rates, market trends, and how to navigate it for your maximum advantage. Feel free to watch the complete video or use the timestamps below to browse through the topics that interest you the most:

0:00 — Introduction
1:03 — How do interest rates affect mortgage
1:44 — Why it’s not good to wait for rates to lower
2:20 — Waiting is not a good strategy when homebuying
3:26 — Lower mortgage rates decrease a home’s value
4:39 — Lower market value points to macroeconomic issues
5:15 — Home prices steadily increase
5:25 — Lower rates increase market competition
7:00 — Committing to a mortgage rate
7:37 — Interest rates decrease is unlikely
8:23 — Consult with mortgage loan officer
8:30 — Debunking pre-approval myth
10:00 — How I can help you
10:42 — Contact me
11:07 — Wrapping up 

Buying a home is truly a big financial decision, which makes it understandable why homebuyers tend to be on the lookout for ways or tricks to make the purchase costs fit the budget. But because real estate can be complex and at times, unpredictable, some strategies are likely to fail. To make things easier for you, consider hiring the help of a real estate professional like myself. With my years of experience in the business, I can guarantee a smoother home buying experience for you while enabling you to discover deals that will fit within your budget. Reach out to me today in any way that’s convenient for you—call, text, email, or through a direct message on my social accounts, and I’ll help you find your dream home.

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